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Seating is a major expense when purchasing a dining set.  Often purchasing chairs can double the price.  In order to maximize my saving by building a table, I realized that I also needed to build seating.

My wife and I both like the look of a bench at a dining table, so I started thinking about how I could make a counter-height bench. I ended up building two identical benches that seat two people each (We have squeezed three on a bench, but it is not comfortable).

This is the only picture I have of the benches before I finished them.

The benches are the same basic design as my counter-height dining table, just shorter and smaller (follow link for post and link to plans from  See the pictures below for the dimensions and basic design of what I made.


I built these benches at the same time as the table, so technically they are a part of my first DIY building project.   Even so, building these benches were the start of my taking plans, tweaking them, making adjustment to them, and eventually leading to drawing and designing my own DIY projects.  I found in working on this project that I enjoyed not only the building but also the process of designing and making something my own.  The benefits of DIY for me are more than just saving money (although that gives me great happiness), but it includes the satisfaction and pride of imagining something, of designing something, and bringing it to life.

Here is a supply list and a cut list for anyone interested:

Supply List (Per Bench):

1- 4x4x8

1-  2x8x8

1-  2x3x8

Cut List (Per Bench):


4 @ 22-1/2 in


2 @ 24 in

2 @ 14-1/2 in


2 @ 24 in

4 @ 8 in

2 @ 4 in

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  • Ivory

    Wow, you are good. Love what you did here, and thank you for the wonderful step by step instructions.

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