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I decided a few years ago to build a dining table.  This was my first DIY building project, and when I started, I had no clue what I was doing.  Through building this project, I learned a lot about building and I learned that I really enjoyed DIY.

I wanted to build a counter-height table, so I searched websites looking for plans and eventually came to find these plans at (I took ideas from both of these plans for and used them to create a counter-height dining table).

I had no idea that I would be blogging about it one day, so I only took one picture of the build.

Here is the table now.

The table is solid and has held up over the years, although the wood filler I put in the gaps between the boards has cracked as the table top has shifted.  While I am happy with the project, I would make some changes if I were building it today.  I would not use the 2×8 boards I used on the table top.  The 2×8 boards were cumbersome to work with, and it makes the table very heavy.  Also, I would probably not use pocket holes to make the table top.   In the next few years, I plan on replacing the table top, but for the money I saved by building rather than buying and for the years of use for my family, I am very satisfied with it as my first build.

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