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If you follow DIY blogs or DIY on Pinterest, you probably have come across plans for an x leg desk.  The reason the desk is so popular is easy to understand; it is simple, cheap, and looks great.   When I decided to make a desk for my wife’s office space, I used plans I found on Ana White and Shanty-2-Chic.

DIY DeskDIY Desk

For this project, I used materials I picked out of a dumpster.  At the time my community was still in the process of building new homes, and we had a construction dumpster right across the street.  At night I would go dumpster diving, and I found a lot of material that I used in a number of projects (including my Pallet Bench).  The material for this project was almost entirely picked out of a dumpster.  I had to buy some screws and one piece of 1 x 4 for a total of $7.50.  For a long time, this was my favorite project because I love the design and I made it for next to nothing.

DIY Desk DIY DeskDIY Office SpaceThe picture above is my wife’s office space with my DIY Wall File and my DIY L-Shaped Shelves

DIY Wall Filel-shelf




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