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Every little girl wants a pretty bedroom, and my little girl is no different.  A few years ago, I turned my daughter’s boring beige room with a generic crib turned toddler bed into the bedroom she loves.  The first step was painting the walls pink and light green.  As much as she loves the painting I did, the favorite part of her new room is her bed.

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DIY Headboard

My daughter’s bed includes a custom headboard and footboard for a full size bed (I’ll share the plans for the footboard next week).  I found plans on for a storage bed.  I used these plans to make the storage cubbies and adjusted them to fit a full size bed.

DIY HeadboardDIY HeadboardDIY Headboard

When I made the bed, I was a little nervous to use plywood, so I used 1×12 to make the back of the headboard.  If I were building it today, I would use plywood.  My plans include the option of making the headboard with 1×12 or plywood.

Supply List:

Tools Needed:

Cut List:

1×12 or Plywood:

  • 2 @ 47.5 in (1×12) or 1 @ 22.5 in x 47.5 in (3/4 in plywood)


  • 2 @ 46.5 in


  • 1 @ 58.5 in


  • 2 @ 47.5 in
  • 5 @ 19.5 in
  • 4 @ 10 in

Project Plan

Step One:  Attach the back of the headboard (either 2- 1×12 @ 47.5 or 1 piece of 3/4 in plywood @ 22.5 in x 47.5 in) to the two 2×4 headboard legs using pocket hole screws (2-1/2 in).   If you are using 1×12, attach the two pieces together with pocket hole screws (1-1/4 in).  See the illustration below.

DIY Headboard

Note: This is the back view of the headboard


Step Two: Attach the top piece of the headboard (1×3 @ using pocket hole screws (1-1/4 in).  Line up edge with edge of the back of the headboard.  The front will stick out a little.

DIY Headboard

Step three:  Begin the insert piece by attaching the 1×2 frame using pocket hole screws (1-1/4 in).  See illustration below.

DIY Headboard

Note: This is the back view of the insert

Step Four:  Add the other vertical pillars to the frame of the insert using pocket hole screws (1-1/4 in).  See illustration below.

DIY Headboard

Step Five:  Complete the frame of the insert by attaching the 10 inch horizontal pieces.  See illustration below.

DIY Headboard

Step Six:  Before you attach the insert to the headboard, sand and paint or stain both the headboard and the insert.  This makes paint or staining the headboard and insert different colors much easier.

DIY Headboard

This is the headboard before I painted it. I did not actually attach the insert at this point, but I wanted to make sure it fit before I painted it.

Step Seven:  Attach the insert to the headboard by screwing it together from the back of the headboard.  If you don’t want the screws to stick out, just countersink the screws.  To insure that all the screws lined up to the insert, I used the insert to trace a template on the back before I screwed it in place.

DIY Headboard

I am so glad I was able to do this for my daughter.  I was able to make exactly what she wanted and needed and save money while doing it.

Even though it’s been a few years since I have completed her bed, she still proudly shows off her bed.  “Do you want to see the bed my dad made for me?” she asks all visitors to our home.  I love it when she does that.

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