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I wanted to make shelves to go above the desk I made for my wife’s office space.  I had simple straight shelves in mind, but when I suggested that to my wife, she said she didn’t want normal, boring shelves.  So I started looking for shelves that would not be “boring.”  I found some L-shaped shelves online and showed them to my wife.  She gave me her approval.  I designed these shelves to function in a pair and provide plenty of storage space for books and other things that my wife would need near her work space.

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DIY L-Shaped Shelves

DIY L-Shaped Shelves

Supply List:

(Per Shelf-  Double for 2 Shelves)

Tools Needed:

Cut List:

1 x 10

  • 1 @ 28 in
  • 1 @ 19.25 in
  • 1 @ 16 in
  • 1 @ 8.75 in
  • 2 @ 8 in

1 x 2:

  • 1 @ 28 in

Project Plan:

Note:  I flipped the location of the pocket holes on the matching shelf that I hung above.  I did this so that the pocket holes would be hidden from view.

Step 1:  Attach 16 in side piece to 28 in bottom piece using Pocket holes.  I choose to place the pocket holes in the least visible place.  DIY L-Shaped Shelves

Step 2:  Attach 8 in top piece to 16 in side piece using pocket holes.DIY L-Shaped ShelvesStep 3: Attach 8.75 in side piece with pocket holes.DIY L-Shaped ShelvesStep 4:  Attach 8 in side piece using pocket holes.DIY L-Shaped Shelves

Step 5:  Attach 19.25 piece to connect the L using pocket holes

DIY L-Shaped ShelvesStep 6:  Attach 28 in 1 x 2 piece to the back of the shelf.  I used pocket holes for the sides (which I placed on the back of the board so it is not seen), and then I used a nail gun to attach the top  of the board to the L shelf.  If you don’t have a nail gun, you could use counter sink screws. DIY L-Shaped ShelvesStep 7:  Glue pocket hole plugs to cover up pocket holes

Step 8:  Sand and paint or stain.

Step 9: Attach to wall using 28 in 1 x 2 piece.  Make sure to attach to a stud.

DIY L-Shaped Shelves

DIY L-Shaped Shelves

Here is my wife’s office space with my DIY desk and my DIY wall file.


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