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Before I started making new furniture for our bedroom, the overhead ceiling fan light was the only source of light in our bedroom.  This made things interesting when one person wanted to stay up to read or do work and the other person wanted to go to bed.  So, when I finished the nightstands, I knew the next project was to make lamps.

I was inspired to make a lamp after I saw a post by Sarah M Dorsey Designs ( where she made a lamp out of mat paper.  I really liked the lamp, but I wanted to make something out of wood because I wanted it to be sturdier.  Then, I found a pendant made out of wood on Handmade Modern (  I took the technique to make the pendant and used two different size craft boards to make a geometrical shaped lamp.

Supply List:

  • 1- 6 in x 3 ft craft board (1/2 in board – This is enough material for two lamps)
  • 1- 4 in x 3 ft craft board (1/2 in board – This is enough material for two lamps)
  • Lamp kit (See Below)
  • Lamp shade
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Masking tape or painters tape
  • 1 in PVC pipe connector (Optional)

Tools Needed:

  • Miter Saw
  • A saw (table saw, router, or jigsaw recommended) to cut an angle on the edge of the board
  • Drill

Cut List:

  • See step 1-3

Project Plan:

Step One:  Cut a 45 degree angle on the long edge of the 6 in craft board using a table saw, router, jigsaw or miter saw (If you use a miter saw, you will first have to cut the material down to 10 or 12 in order for the saw to cut the angle properly).  This is necessary to ensure that the two hexagon pieces will fit flush on top of each other.

Step Two:  Cut the 6 in craft board using the method described below (Also, check out where I first saw this technique used to make a wood pendant).

  • Set miter to 10 degrees
  • Set saw angle to 30 degrees
  • Clamp a stop to the saw at 2-3/4 inches from the blade (This will ensure all the pieces are the same length).
  • Cut once with the 45 degree side at the bottom or widest (2-3/4 in) part of the triangle.  Then flip the board over and cut again.
  • Cut out six pieces.

Step Three:  Cut six pieces of 4 in craft board using the method described in Step Two (Leave the stop in place to make sure the 4 in pieces are the same size at the bottom as the 6 in pieces).

Step Four:  Glue the pieces together.

  • Glue 3 sets of two pieces together (for both 4 in and 6in pieces) and use tape to keep them secure.
  • Once the sets are dry, glue one set of two pieces to another set.
  • Once the two sets glued together are dry, glue the final set to complete the hexagon.

Step Five:

  • Glue the top (6 in pieces) to the base (4 in pieces) and let dry.

Step Six:  Fill in all joints with wood filler.

Step Seven: Sand.

Step Eight: Drill a hole in the base of the lamp for the cord of the lamp kit.

Step Nine:  Paint the lamp base.  I used a lime green paint and finished it off with a clear gloss lacquer.

Step Ten:  Assemble lamp kit.  I used a small 1 in  pvc pipe connector to raise the lamp up a little, but that is optional.  I also chose to spray paint the lamp kit white.

Step Eleven:  Attach the assembled lamp kit to the lamp.  To add stability, you can glue the lamp kit to the base.

I love the look of these lamps, and I love that my wife and I no longer have issues at night when one of us needs to stay up later than the other.   I could have simply gone to the store and bought some lamps, but I am so glad that I decided to make them myself.

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  • Cher

    The lamps are fabulous and the technique is easy! Thanks for sharing!

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