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I am not a big fan of pallet projects.  I love the way pallet projects look, but I don’t like the work required to get pallet wood usable and safe.   When someone from my church gave me a pallet, I decided it was finally time to do a pallet project and I challenged myself to come up with something cool.  My family needed something for our front entryway, so I decided to make a pallet bench.

Ana White’s Simple Outdoor Love Seat plans inspired the frame for the bench.   I adjusted and adapted her plans to fit around the pallet.  Here is the pallet before I started working on it.

Supply List:

  • One Pallet
  • 1- 2×4 (I used scraps left over from other projects.)
  • 1- 1×6 (I used scraps left over from other projects.)
  • 2-1/2  in Pocket Hole Screws
  • Paint or stain

Cut List:

Pallets come in different sizes, so the following dimensions are based on the pallet I was given.  Make sure to measure your pallet and build the bench frame based on your pallet’s dimensions.


  • Cut pallet in half with one piece @ 16 in wide.


  • 2 @ 24.5 in
  • 4 @ 22 in


  • 2 @ 31 in
  • 2 @ 20 in

Tools Needed:

  • Sawzall or circular saw to cut pallet
  • Miter saw or circular saw
  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Project Plan:

 Step 1:  Use a sawzall to cut the pallet in two pieces.

Step 2:  Build a bench frame for the pallet.

First, build the two sides of the frame using pocket holes.

Second, attach frame front piece to frame side with pocket holes.

Step 3:  Attach the smaller piece of the pallet (16 in wide) to the frame with 2-1/2 in screws to create the seat of the bench.

Step 4:  Attach the larger piece of the pallet to the frame on the back of the bench.

Step 5:  Attach 31 in 2×6 to the top of the pallet piece that makes the back of the bench.

Step 6: Sand.

Step 7:  Paint or stain.

I have to admit, I really like how this pallet project turned out.  I’m not going to use pallet wood all the time, but maybe I’ll do another pallet project in the future.  Also, because I used scrap wood and I already had screws, the only cost for this project was the paint.

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  • I love this bench! I have to say I’m a big fan of pallet projects, so now I’m curious as to why you don’t like them. Might actually be a good post idea the more I think about it… 🙂

    • Erik

      I am so glad that you like the bench. Also,thanks for the post suggestion. The reason why I don’t like using pallets is wood quality. The wood from pallets is usually rough, dirty, and requires a lot of prep work to be usable and safe indoors (especially if there are kids in the house). I like that pallets are free, but there are other ways to find free or almost free materials to use in DIY projects.

      • Patty

        Please name some places to get free or almost free supplies.

        • Erik


          Thank you for checking out my blog. Right now I am working on a post about 5 ways to get free or almost free material to use in DIY projects. Check back in the beginning of July to see my list.


    Awesome job! I’ve been looking at the plans out there and you made it look easy! One question on the back part, is that on an angle? It looks like it but doesn’t say. Thanks!

  • Erik

    Thank you so much. Yes, I did angle the back of the bench so it would be more comfortable. I cut the seat section of the pallet 16 inches so I would have space at the back of the bench (7 inches) to angle the back pallet piece.

  • mara boni (@MaraBoniTwitts)

    Great work!! Well done!! 🙂

  • Nyoka Cresap

    I am doing this project now! So wish you could of posted a picture of some of the steps or at least the back side of it. More details for the back.. 🙁

  • Nyoka Cresap

    How did you angle this again. The legs of the backrest?

  • Ivory

    Erik, I simply love, love, love your bench. I so need one for my small front stoop. Wish I attended your church, because I would ask you to please make one for me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It’s so wonderful to hear about how kind your soul are, making things for members of your church, although this is not how you make a living. May God blessing always be with you.

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