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This year I ended up making three cars for the Awana Grand Prix (Think Pinewood Derby) at my church.  My daughter wanted a panda car, my son wanted a Corvette, and my son’s friend who has started attending our Awana program wanted a gator car that looks like the Florida Gator logo. 

I started out by making templates for each car to help me cut them out.  I cut them all out on a band on a band saw.  The gator car required me to cut additional pieces and add them to the top of the car. 

After I cut the cars out I used foam sheets (The stuff used for kids crafts) to add some of the features, like the eyes, nose, and smile for the panda and the teeth and eyes for the gator.  For the gator I carved out a groove for the teeth and then super glued the teeth into the groove.

I only painted the panda car and the Corvette.  My son’s friend painted the gator car by himself.  I had so much trouble with painting the Corvette.  The paint was literally still drying the morning of the race, and I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out, but I didn’t have any time to fix it. 

Overall, all the kids were happy, which made me happy.  None of the cars did well for speed, but the panda did finish third in design in my daughter’s division. 

Gator Car

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Panda Car

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