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My son first told me he wanted a shark car for this year’s Grand Prix race, but he changed his mind and told me he wanted a fast car.  I showed him some cars on Pinterest, and he gave me some ideas on the style of car he wanted.  From his description, I made a template to use when I cut the car to shape.  Here is the template I used:

Sports Car Template

I still had a lot of work to do to get the car the way my son wanted it.  I needed to curve the windshield and give some shape to the front end.  I spent a lot of time cutting, sanding, adding wood filer, sanding, etc . . . Finally, the car had the shape I wanted.

My son wanted the car red with black trim, and he wanted the number painted gold.  We first painted the body red.  Then I marked off an area for the windshield and the hood detail with tape.  Next, I painted it black.

Awana Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby Sports Car

After I added the black paint, my son said he wanted a stripe down each side, so I added that detail as well.  Unfortunately, the paint didn’t turn out looking as clean as I would have like it, but in general, I thought the car looked cool.  More importantly, my son liked the design!

Awana Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby Sports Car

Awana Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby Sports Car

While this car didn’t place in the design category, it did finish first in speed.  My son was so excited when he won the final race.

Awana Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby Sports Car

Here are some extra pictures from the Grand Prix:

Awana Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby

Awana Grand Prix

Some women from my church made fantastic snacks!

Awana Grand Prix Snacks
Awana Grand Prix

Now it’s time to start thinking about next year.

Awana Grand Prix Cars

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