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When I designed our entryway, I wanted to create a transition between the pictures on the wall and the rest of the entryway.  I also wanted to add storage to the wall if possible.  With two kids, we are always looking for ways to get stuff off the floor.   To solve these problems, I made a picture ledge with hooks.

The ledge does not actually hold up any of the pictures.  They are all mounted to the wall.  It might have been easier to just build a shelf, but I wanted the pictures flush against the wall.

We use the hooks every day to hang the kids’ backpacks, my wife’s purse, and maybe a sweatshirt or sweater when it is chilly in Florida.

Here are the plans:

Supply list:

  • 1×4
  • 1×2
  • Hooks

Building Plan:

Step One:

  • Cut 1×4 to length you desire (mine is 53 inches)
  • Cut 1×2 to length

Step Two:

  • Attach 1×2 to the top of the 1×4.  Use either pocket holes, brad nails, or counter sink screws.

Step Three:

  • Paint or stain

Step Four:

  • Add Hooks

Step Five:

  • Attach to wall.  Use 2 in screws and attach to wall studs.

This project was so simple and cheap.  It is probably the easiest project I have made, and yet it is so functional.

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  • Joe C.

    Just stopping by to take a look around! You’ve been doing great work on here. Keep it up! I’m sure Kalyn will be printing out some of your woodworking plans to put in the “Joseph… do this” folder 🙂

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