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It can be just as fun to refurbish old furniture as to build new furniture.  A few years ago a friend gave my family a little bench.  It was the perfect size to fit at the end of the kitchen counter.  The kids sat on it to put on their shoes or eat a snack.  It also became the time-out bench.  It was very useful and functional, but it wasn’t the prettiest bench. The paint was chipped and the fabric color was obnoxious.

It only took a few simple steps to update the old bench.

Here is the old, ugly bench before I refurbished it:

Old Bench

old benchFirst, I needed to recover the bench.  Some people might be scared of recovering with fabric.  However, it isn’t as hard as it seems.   I removed the old fabric and used it as a template to cut out the new fabric (I learned this from  my mother-in-law).

old bench coverA few staples and the bench cushion looks as good as new.

refurbished bench coverThe bench frame needed some cleaning and patching before I was able to paint it.

Refurbished Bench Base

Refurbished Bench BaseHere is the completed bench.

Refurbished Bench

Refurbished Bench

Refurbished BenchNot only does the bench look great, but also the project was inexpensive and easy.  Now my family can enjoy the bench for years to come.


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