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One of the things I love about being a DIYer is that people give me free stuff that I turn into projects.  My next door neighbor sees me out in working in the garage all the time, so recently she gave me a serving tray that needed refurbishment.

For this project, I tried to use materials I had on hand, so I could spend as little money as possible.  I decided to use tile to decorate the bottom of the tray and give the tray a fresh coat of paint.  I did have to buy a few things including ¼x2 inch hobby board for trim and a small container of grout.  The total cost for these items was $8.

Here is what I did to refurbish the  serving tray.

  •  Step one:  Make a new tray bottom out of wood.  It is not pretty, but I used whatever I could find in my scrap pile.
  • Step two:  Attach tray bottom to tray.  I used brad nails, but screws would also work.
  • Step three:  Cut out  ¼  x 2  trim to fit the inside of the tray.  I also had to cut some trim pieces and glue to the ends of the tray, so the trim could rest secure on them.
  • Step four:  Paint tray and trim.
  • Step five:  Attach tile to tray bottom.
  • Step six:  Grout tile.
  • Step seven: Attach trim.
  • Step eight: Use wood filer to fill any holes and then touch up with paint.

My wife was very excited about this project because she thinks I should use the tray to bring her afternoon coffee or breakfast in bed.

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  • videousJoseph

    That looks awesome. Very creative adding the tile!

  • Dixie

    Love this and it looks so “Florida” !

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