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Earlier in my married life, my wife and I would try to save money by buying cheap furniture.  We learned our lesson as our furniture would always fall apart over time.  One example of this was the white participle board bookshelves we bought to store all our books.  Not only were these bookshelves cheap, but they had no character.

When it came time to replace the bookshelf in our bedroom, I discovered the West Elm Mid-Century Bookshelf.

Unfortunately, West Elm does not make the bookshelf in the size I needed to make the most out of the space in our bedroom.  Also, at $599 for the narrow bookshelf and $699 for the wide, there was no way it was an option to buy. I knew the only way we were going to upgrade our bookshelf was for me to make one myself (Click here to see the project plans).

I started by studying pictures of the West Elm bookshelf online, trying to see the details they added to give it character.  Then I started putting a plan together to figure out how I could make a knock-off.  This was a fun because I had to learn a few new techniques.  In the end, it turned out great, and I was able to make it in the size I wanted and at a fraction of the cost.

Click Here to See Project Plans


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  • Carol

    i floated over here from knock off decor. this is really beautiful.

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