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Last year I decided it was finally time to start working on the master bedroom.  Before I started building furniture for my master bedroom, it was a wreck.  It was the ugliest room in our house.  We had no headboard for our bed (for 15 years of marriage we slept on a metal frame), I was using a TV tray as a night stand, and all our other furniture was old and falling apart.  Over the next two months I will share the projects that transformed our master bedroom from college dorm ugly to beautiful and sophisticated.


The first step in the transformation of our bedroom was to address our ugly bed.  While trying to decide what I would build (because buying something was not an option for me), my wife saw a headboard from West Elm.  She showed me the picture and asked if I could build it.  What kind of question was that?  Of course, I could build it!  Not only could I build it, but I was also positive it would cost me next to nothing to make.  Before I started making plans, I was curious to see if anyone else already made DIY plans and sure enough I found that Décor and the Dog had great plans posted online.  If you want to see the plans, follow the links below.

Part of the process of building furniture that I really enjoy is making a project plan and figuring out how to build something, but for this particular project, Décor and the Dog did such a great job that it was pointless for me to try to make my own plans.  I followed the plans by Décor and the Dog very closely.  The main modification I made was to use 2×4 instead on 2×3 for the headboard frame.

The bed turned out great, and we absolutely love it.   Next week I will continue to show our bedroom transformation by sharing my plans for a Mid-Century style nightstand that replaced the TV tray.

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